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2018 The big run down!!!

New Year’s eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things that the passage of another twelve months may be noted; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights

Hamilton Wright Mable ; American essayist

We are recording this on January the 1st 2018


  • Angosat has been recued!!!

  • Progress MS-06 freighter undocks from ISS

  • Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space, has been made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George

  • Prof Michele Dougherty from Imperial College, London, has become a Commander of the Order of the British Empire

2018 Preview


2018 will be the Year of Engineering

The UK Space Agency is joining forces with partners across government and industry to give thousands of young people inspiring experiences of engineering.

The seven new projects will receive £210,000 of funding. They include Monitoring the Environment, Learning for Tomorrow (MELT) which will allow students to understand and analyse key earth observation data relating to the North and South Pole.

Falcon 9 heavy

January 15, no date has yet been officially, Rocket fans should be cautious using this date to book flights, before Spacex conduct a successful Static Fire test, after all they have 27 Engines to test (started in pairs in a 120ms sequence)

Rocket lab electron launch

Second attempt for this New Zealand outfit to get their rocket orbital after a delay from December


10th Jan PSLV with 2 surrey satellite satellites on board more details next week including planetary Resources-built Arkyd-6

Chandrayaan 2 will comprise an orbiter, lander and rover developed by the country's space agency, ISRO. The mission is currently slated to launch on a GSLV rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh around March.

JAXA ss-520

second attempt by the japanese for this new ultra small orbital rocket.


NASA’s next exoplanet-hunting spacecraft launch on a falcon 9 in march

Crew Dragon

Musk says he is confident the company will fly people in 2018

SpaceX is scheduled to do an uncrewed test flight of the Dragon capsule in April, followed by the first crewed flight test in August. possible Block 5 version of Falcon 9 maiden flight


Boeing is targeting August for an uncrewed flight of the Starliner and a crewed flight for November.

Virgin Galactic

Should soon begin powered test flights of VSS Unity and Virgin Galagtic Launcher one!!!

NASA’s InSight Mars lander

Launched on on a Atlas V rocket, the 30-day launch window from May 5th. It should land on Mars around the end of November.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

Launched on Delta IV Heavy rocket a month later between July 31st and August 19th



August, the spacecraft will come within 1.2 million miles of Bennu. OSIRIS-REx will then use its onboard propulsion catch up with the asteroid.

JAXA’s Hayabusa2

Expected to arrive at it’s target the asteroid 162173 Ryugu (formerly designated 1999 JU3) in July 2018, survey the asteroid for a year and a half, depart in December 2019, and return to Earth in December 2020

JAXA’s and ESA’s BepiColombo

The spacecraft are set to launch combined on top of a European Ariane 5 rocket in October and will arrive at Mercury in 2025

CHINA Chang'e 4

Will launch the lander/rover in the latter part of the year

CHINA Tianhe-1

First of three large modules that will make up the completed Chinese Space Station

SpaceX Space Tourists!!!

Lunar trip on a falcon heavy for 2 tourists in a crew dragon

One web

might start flying up on a European Soyuz

Arianne 6

In October 2018, when the launch complex has been constructed, the validation phase will begin By the first quarter of 2018, key decisions will be made on the exploitation of Ariane 6.


On September 25, 2017 it was announced that U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had awarded a contract to Reaction Engines for an undisclosed amount to conduct high-temperature airflow testing at Colorado, United States site a Reaction Engines precooler called HTX. Testing work is scheduled to start in 2018, focus on running the HTX at temperatures simulating Mach 5 or around 980 °C (1,800 °F).







  • Russia Oleg Artemyev, RSA

  • USA Andrew J. Feustel, NASA,

  • USA Richard R. Arnold




  • ESA’s Alexander Gerst,

  • NASA Jeanette Epps

  • Russian Sergei Prokopyev

56 Horizons



  • Russia Aleksey Ovchinin, RSA,

  • Russia Nikolai Tikhonov, RSA,

  • USA Nick Hague, NASA




  • Russia Oleg Kononenko, RSA,

  • USA Serena M. Auñón, NASA

  • Canada David Saint-Jacques, CSA




50th Anniversaries for

  • January 22 Apollo 5

  • 4th April Apollo 6

  • 11 October Apollo 7

  • 25/26th October Soyuz 2 and 3 (failed to dock)

  • 21st december Apollo 8

A recent study found that among the chemicals in the dust cloud known as Sagittarius B2, near the center of the galaxy, was ethyl formate (C3H6O2). What's ethyl formate, you might ask? It's the chemical responsible for the flavor of raspberries, and it smells like rum!

Dr. Arnaud Belloche et al Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy

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