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We have a Patreon Page to start 2018

Happy 2018, To celebrate the new year we are going to launch our very own Patreon Page.

We will never ever sell ads to companies small or large and will never have anyone to answer to other than ourselves. NO conflict of interests we will always be independent, and the journey will always be fun and honest. So far everything has been done on our own, just our time, our money, but we feel we can be bigger and better with just a tiny little help, so we ask, if you get value out of the podcast, send a little support our way. Your contributions will solely support the podcast. Maybe with your support we can improve the quality of the podcast, interviewing guests on location, more varied guests, live broadcasts and hosting special events, and maybe the odd live coverage of a rocket launch. Thank you for listening, coming to this page and, if you can, helping to show your support. Matt and Jamie

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