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SpaceX is Made Of The Right Stuff

We've literally just finished watching the Falcon heavy launch and it was one of the most exciting and profound events of our lifetime

A huge and Powerful rocket made from reused boosters from previous successful flights soared into the atmosphere and completed its maiden mission flawlessly and with style.

One of the most sci-fi moments was when the two side boosters came down and landed perfectly and jaw droppingly in sync ...we are living in the future.

One booster has already launched a satellite while the other booster has already visited the space station delivering supplies on CRS-9 ...incredible!

Now the moon and even Mars seems easily in our sites once again!

We are still shaking

Elon Musk ….drink…. what an amazing achievement for a commercial space company to build what their own government are struggling to build ...a heavy lift vehicle and doing it at, probably, a complete order of magnitude less in dollars!

Now Elon musk's Tesla Roadster is on it's way to Mars playing David Bowie all the way while carrying a tribute to Isaac Asimov ( an “Arch” 5D, laser optical quartz storage device scontaining Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series) and a plaque carrying 6000 space ex-employees signatures.


Bring on the BFR now, that is going to be something worth waiting for.

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