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280 - Ultra Hot Jupiters

Matt and Linn chat with exoplanetary researcher Bibiana Prinoth a PhD student at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics at Lund University.

Hot Jupiters offer a unique view into the nature of the planetary population in extra-solar systems due to their sizes, high temperatures, and short orbits. A special class of these hot Jupiter-like planets - called Ultra-hot Jupiters - opens a window for broadening our understanding of atmospheric chemistry and the thermal structure of the hottest extra-solar gas giants. In her work, she aims at understanding and interpreting high-resolution transmission spectra of ultra-hot Jupiter planets obtained by spectroscopic observations.

The goal is to investigate the atmospheres of the hottest known exoplanets

Our own eyes show us four stars which wander around Jupiter as does the Moon around the Earth, while all together trace out a grand revolution about the Sun in the space of twelve years.

Galileo Galilei

I have observed four planets, neither known nor observed by any one of the astronomers before my time, which have their orbits around a particularly bright star, Jupiter, One of those previously known, like Venus or Mercury around the sun, and are sometimes in front of it, sometimes behind it. However, they never depart from it beyond certain limits. All of these facts were discovered and observed a few days ago with the help of a telescope devised by me, through God’s grace first enlightening my mind.

Galileo Galilei

Some stories referred to in the show;

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